There are thousands of people in this county affected by drug and alcohol addiction – whether directly, through friends and families or as victims of crime and anti-social behaviour. Addiction costs everyone in society in terms of crime, health care and social support for individuals and families who have been impacted by the chaos which surrounds this illness.

The Hub is here to promote recovery: every year hundreds of addicts in Gloucestershire look for help and support to begin their recovery journey, but many more don’t even know that change is possible and have given up. Our goal is to show that recovery is possible and to let the county know that hope, change and lifelong recovery can be achieved, and is being achieved every day.

We are working to develop a network of active supporters and volunteers who will staff the enterprises and organise events and activities to support the recovery community. We actively promote and advocate for recovery and educate the wider community about the potential that recovery holds. In addition to this we engage with the press, the police, other professionals and employers to help overcome prejudice and share accurate, honest and positive stories about addiction and life beyond it.

We hope you will get involved whether as a volunteer, a donor, or as a supporter at our future events. There are no limitations on our ambitions for The Hub – we believe that there is nothing we cannot achieve with your support.

Hub Live - The Sober Parrot


Hub Live – The Sober Parrot is our latest endeavour… an alcohol free live entertainment venue in the heart of Cheltenham. We want to make sure that people can go out and have fun, socialise and be entertained in an environment that does not put alcohol as its focus, in fact alcohol is not invited to the party!

During the day, the Sober Parrot will offer a freshly made and quick to serve lunchtime menu to eat in or take back to the office, alongside our delicious coffee and hot and cold drink selection.

Our team will be based on the model used in our other enterprises – a mix of paid staff and volunteers, some in recovery and some supporters of our work.

Through being involved in the project volunteers are able to learn skills and gain confidence to help them transition into paid employment.

If you want to get involved in bringing the HUB LIVE to life through volunteering with the building project then please email from the link below.

Or call: 07500 445930

Hub Cafe - The Clean Plate


Going forward, The Hub Bistro will be known as The Clean Plate. The bistro is a not-for-profit community cafe based in Gloucester City Centre. We offer a varied menu with dishes made using locally sourced produce and freshly prepared on site. We hope our menu caters to a wide variety of tastes.

Our team at the bistro is made up of a mixture of staff and volunteers who work together to deliver a high quality service to our customers, both in the bistro itself and those who use our services for external events and catering.

For further information on services, events and catering then please email from the link below.

Or call: 01452 422191

Hub Maintenance - The Spirit Level


The Hub Maintains name is also changing. It will be known as The Spirit Level. Hub Maintains is a not for profit community business which provides high quality workmanship for a range of building and garden maintenance issues. The focus of the work is always on the quality, not the profit so you can rest assured you will get the result you wanted for the quoted price.

For further information on services available please email from the link below.

Or call: 07739 851481

Hub Academy - The Flying Colours


For people in recovery from addiction, one of the first steps on their journey is to re-engage in some kind of education, training or meaningful activity. The Hub Academy offers this opportunity in the form of a variety of workshops, courses and training opportunities. Recovery is a process of progression for many people who have little recent information to put on a CV or job application; through The Hub Academy people can start to change that and improve their employment situation and confidence for the better.

For further information about The Hub Academy please email from the link below.

Or call: 01453 889731

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The Hub creates space for people to recover from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Through working together to overcome isolation, exclusion and loneliness we can help individuals fulfil their potential and benefit the community as a whole.

The Hub acknowledges generous support from The Nelson Trust, Registered Charity No. 1056672, Public Health England, Comic Relief, Gloucestershire Environmental Trust, The Gloucestershire PCC, The People’s Postcode Trust and the volunteers from the recovery community who have supported the project.

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